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My philosophy 

Differentiated digital experiences don't just magically happen. They must be deliberately designed.

My philosophy of User-centric business growth is deeply rooted in my core values of collaboration, leadership-in-ambiguity and the pursuit of excellence, that I inherited from my military family upbringing. As a lifelong learner with a multidisciplinary academic background, I firmly believe in approaching challenges from various perspectives, making User Experience (UX) Design a transformative tool that powers organizational success.


I believe that the ordering of "User," "Experience," and "Design" in the term 'UX Design' is not merely a structural detail. It outlines an ideal approach: prioritize the user, understand their experiences, and design accordingly. Yet, I've recognized a significant disconnect in many businesses that often jump into the design phase without adequately considering their users or their experiences. This practice results in a staggering 40% of products being developed without input from end-users, leading to a 35% failure rate due to poor product-market fit.


In response to this prevailing issue, I champion a User-first approach, a critical shift from the Inside-first methodology prevalent in many organizations. A User-first system demands a deep, collective understanding of users and their experiences before making decisions, setting the foundation for truly effective design. This perspective draws from my belief that effective problem-solving arises from collaboration and a deep understanding of the problem.

However, a growing concern in this fast-paced industry is the accumulation of 'Experience Debt' when businesses defer resolving user experience problems in the race to deliver products quickly. My philosophy underscores the need for companies to be mindful of this growing debt, as its neglect could be detrimental, leading to disruption and eroding user loyalty.


In my journey as a UX Design professional and through my leadership at UXReactor, my commitment to effecting change and driving growth has consistently guided my actions. Striking a balance between personal fulfillment and professional dedication, I strive to inspire and guide future pioneers in design and innovation. Ultimately, my philosophy propels my mission to continually contribute to our industry's evolution, ensuring that organizations unlock the full potential of creating value through User Experience Design and align their products with their users' actual needs and desires.

Moreover, I advocate for the practice of BIG DESIGN over just the craft of design (small-d). BIG DESIGN considers the broader ecosystem and understands that every system designed has users and interconnected elements with its constraints and opportunities. By focusing on the larger context, businesses can create resilient and thoughtful solutions that deliver genuine value to the user.

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